Focus on real-time issues, not form gathering


Customized to you

Workers use mobile devices to complete and lodge safety checks; no forms, no pens, no delays, no missed questions.


Central Control

Your system is customized precisely to your needs before it’s installed.


Easier to comply

The big drag on safety compliance is people who think they are “too busy” – WPS makes it easier to comply.

iconThe power of pro-active safety management

WorkPod Safety delivers reliable compliance and that’s a really big thing, but it goes for beyond by proactively promoting positive work place safety attitudes. It puts safety policies and procedures and safety information right in everyone’s hands, it delivers daily information updates,encourages feedback and engages workers in the process of enhancing safety.


Get started with a free evaluation!

Agree to a test installation and we’ll conduct a full assessment of your needs and the implications of installing WorkPod Safety at no cost to you. If the evaluation doesn’t convince you, then you can cancel the installation at no cost.

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