Gerard Starr, Founder and CEO

Gerard’s work in mining gave him the original idea for WorkPod Safety. He saw that companies were genuinely trying to achieve high safety standards, but the systems being created were costly, cumbersome and unreliable. Too often workers failed to comply, because it was just too hard and time consuming. So Gerard created a system that made it easier to comply and added a whole new dimension of proactive safety promotion and risk research.


Michael Woodhouse, Head of Development

Michael heads up a team of specialist developers, responsible for:

  • The proprietary code in WorkPod Safety (some of which, we are proud to say, is quite cutting edge)
  • Customisation to individual situations
  • Ongoing development and expansion of the product.

Michel is a serial business innovator, having started (and in most cases sold as established enterprises) seven small businesses of his own. Michael was co-opted to WorkPod Safety at its earliest stages.