WorkPod Safety is an automated system for monitoring, encouraging and documenting safety compliance in workplaces, including:

  • real-time non-compliance notification, and
  • auto-database storage of records from multiple locations, for web-based access.
  • The system is fully customisable and can be company-branded. Ongoing support and custom development is part of the package.
  • WorkPod Safety can handle:
  • Take 5s
  • Hazard cards
  • Pre-starts
  • Incident and risk reports
  • Safety notifications (confirmation of receipt and acceptance)
  • Certification of operator qualifications
  • Addition of photographs to reports
  • Barcode scanning
  • Any system requiring confirmation of on-site operator compliance

WorkPod Safety provides an in-the-hand resource for:

  • First aid
  • Company policies
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Emergency response plans
  • It replaces paper-based systems, which are costly, time-inefficient and highly error-prone.
  • Additional benefits can include:
  • Workers and contractors cannot fudge time or location data as this is electronically stamped.
  • Workers and contractors are identified by unique log-in credentials; finger print recognition can be added for very high level security.
  • Electronic time sheet with real-time activity and location verification.

WorkPod Safety is an Australian technology company grounded in local worksite experience, with Australian support staff.

The core product is off-the-shelf; all installations are customised and installed to individual user requirements including per-site variations if required.

WorkPod Safety is based in iPhone/iPod/iPad (note iPd and iPad have no phone capability) and can use BYODs.