WorkPod Safety is a safety reporting system, but it’s also an in-the-hand, always available resource for company procedures documents and policies and for safety reference material (for example, CPR instructions, or materials safety data sheets).

We know most people don’t bother to really learn emergency procedures. When something happens, they have to scramble to find policy documents or emergency response information – or they’ll do whatever they think of first. But WorkPod Safety puts procedures and information right in their hands.

You can also use WorkPod Safety to disseminate new and updated safety information, including having workers sign off on having read and accepted – before they can commence a task.

Administrators can change information in the WorkPod Safety via any web browser and it will update in hand-held app updates without the user having to download an app update (this happens whenever they are in an internet or phone reception zone).

WorkPod Safety is a pro-active way of promoting work place safety, as well as a compliance documentation tool.