You’ve probably spent the time and money to develop effective safety systems.

The problem is, those systems are not always followed every time, in every situation.

When systems are complex or time consuming, people don’t comply, no mater how hard you push.

“I was too busy.”
“I forgot (as usual).”

But WorkPod Safety makes it easy to comply.

In fact, WorkPod Safety can make it easier to comply than to not comply – especially if workers know that non-compliance will result in an immediate head office follow up!

You can customise your WorkPod Safety installation to:

  • Automatically notify you of all workers who have not completed a safety report in the last 24 hours.
  • Flag workers performing tasks for which a worker is not qualified or experienced.
  • Issue direct, automated order to cease work and report to a supervisor, where safety conditions are not confirmed as met.

Compliance is essential to safety outcomes and WorkPod Safety makes compliance easy – and enforceable.