How WorkPod Safety works

WorkPod Safety automates safety compliance documentation, by having operators make on-the-spot entries in a hand-held device.

Depending on your situation, the device and be a smart phone (including BYOD) or a non-phone device such as an iPod Touch or a pad. Data is auto-updated to a secure central database.

Entries are auto checked against your system requirements and if compliant they are auto-filed for easy access as needed.

Entries which are not compliant (or missing compared with your system schedules) are notified to designated personnel for immediate attention, enabling a more proactive and educational approach to site safety.

Each installation of WorkPod Safety is customised to your safety and work systems and violation protocols.

WorkPod Safety is also an in-the-hand resource for company procedures documents and policies and for safety reference material (for example, CPR instructions, or materials safety data sheets).

While the structure of reporting, testing reports agains set job performance criteria, automated filing and flagging of exceptions is always the same, we can customise your installation to support almost any work activity imaginable, where you need to ensure that safety standards are met and to document that compliance, should you every be required to demonstrate your duty of care fulfilment.