A WorkPod Safety install starts with meetings to determine your goals and to evaluate your current systems and needs.

The standard WorkPod Safety software is then customised and fine-tuned to your needs.

We deliver a working system, not a box and an instruction manual (though you will get one of those, also customised to your needs). For more details see Implementation.

We stay with as your system is rolled out, helping with the “sell-in” and dealing with any issues.

Customised staff training program is via an easy manual and on-line training.

There is ongoing phone support and an online help-desk (based in Australia) that individual users can access.

Every client is under the care of a dedicated account manager, delivering regular reviews and reports.

As time goes on we will continually review the operation of your WorkPod Safety installation and make recommendations for enhancements.

You may also decide to extend the scope of the system beyond safety issues.

The core software that drives WorkPod Safety can readily be adapted to other reporting and information sharing situations: we may be able to create more solutions for you, based on our mutual experience.