The software that runs mobile WorkPod Safety is stored on market platforms and on hand held devices it is stored to. This is standard industry practice and there is no practical alternative.

Data is stored in our proprietary online Data-vault, with password controlled access. A designated sub-set of the data is stored on mobile devices.

There is a conflict in the commercial world between the desire to protect confidential information and the need for mobile, multi-user, interactive access, that necessarily expands both access to central data and the dispersal of data, and thus security vulnerability.

WorkPod Safety has security measures that meet and exceed industry standards. We are happy to discuss security issues with your tech people.

We invite you however to consider that while safety systems have high IP value, this kind of data is rarely stolen via internet hackers. Successfully implemented safety systems are generally quite visible to all users, with extensive data access: employees are the major risk for unauthorised IP transfer.

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