WorkPod Safety is a fully hosted solution, designed to use:

  • Smart phone/device apps which store approved data locally and update data via our web-based Data-vault.
  • Control software which is server based (SAS or software as a service) and web accessible, that gives access to all data and program settings, to carry out research and to disseminate new information.

Many tech departments instinctively would rather have data on their own servers, under their direct control, and we can support this. We are happy to discuss server issues with your tech people.

We invite you however to consider:

  • While safety systems have high IP value, this kind of data is rarely stolen via internet hackers. Successfully implemented safety systems are generally quite visible to all users, with extensive data access: employees are the major risk for unauthorised IP transfer.
  • We host on Amazon S3 servers, widely recognised as the premium support service for apps and corporate data services, with very high security. If the server you use is physically on your premises in Australia, it will have a lower level of protection than Amazon S3.
  • Self-hosting your WorkPod Safety installation means you take on extra responsibility for system maintenance, trouble-shooting and fault repair, compared with leaving it to us.
  • Please note also that Data-vault uses proprietary software that delivers advanced functions not available in most apps; it is copyright protected and accessing the code is not permitted.